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Flash-Flex Integration - Part 3: Flex Component Skinning with Scale-9 on Community MX

Posted in Flash, Flex, Community MX, Flex 3, Flex 2, Flash CS3 by Joeflash on the May 15th, 2008

I’ve a few new articles on the Flash-Flex Integration series on Community MX. This latest article is part one of two about creating a custom Flex component skin using Flash CS3 along with some deft scale-9 techniques and gotchas.

In this first article, we will design a skin in Flash CS3 for a Flex component, which is able stretch intelligently using a concept known as scale-9. We will look at several techniques for designing assets in Flash using scale-9 effectively, avoiding certain important gotchas along the way. We will also demonstrate how one Flash skin file may be applicable to multiple Flex components. In the following article we will implement this skin for a Flex custom panel component with drag and resize handles.

The completed Flash-Flex custom component skin