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Help me speak at 360|Flex (and kick some ass in Flex Builder)

Posted in Flex, Workflow, Flex Builder 3, Conferences by Joeflash on the January 17th, 2009

John Wilker, one of the organizers of 360|Flex, has put up a voting system to help decide from 124 speaker submissions which 40 make the cut. If you wanna find out how to kick some ass in Flex Builder, like how to tweak the Eclipse JVM to speed up compile times, use Subclipse for subversion, or code like a mad dog, go vote for my talk. Full description as follows:

Kicking Ass and Taking Names: Optimizing Flex Builder Performance and Workflow

Flex Builder is a great tool. There are times when using this tool is great, grand, works like a charm. And other times it’s an excruciating experience akin to waiting for paint to dry while a crack team of ninja monkeys shove bamboo under your finger nails. This session will show you how to kick some serious ass in Flex Builder: speed up the IDE, code faster, leap tall buildings in a single bound and shoot lasers out of your eyes. (Okay, maybe not the lasers part, but still.) In this session we’ll be talking about:

  1. Optimizing Flex Builder Performance
    • Project Development Best Practises
    • Speeding up Eclipse
    • The Heap Status Indicator
    • Why Compilation Slows Down
    • Command-line Startup Options
    • JVM Memory Tuning,
  2. Using Language Intelligence
    • Code Assist, Syntax Highlighting, Mark Occurrences, Go to Defintion, etc.
    • Code Preferences
    • The Class Outline View & Sort Options
  3. Managing Workflow
    • Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Search & Refactoring
    • The Diff Tool
    • Layouts for Productivity
  4. Customizing The Workbench
    • Custom Shortcuts
    • Customizing the Editor (Syntax Colouring, Changing the Editor Font Size, Bookmarks, etc.)
    • Editing the Workspaces List
    • Migrating a Workspace without getting an ulcer
  5. Code Versioning in Flex Builder
    • The Built-in Eclipse History / CVS
    • installing and using the subclipse subversion plugin
  6. Assorted Plugins (a melee of Eclipse plugins that’ll make your life easier)

Vote Now!! : )

And here’s my official conference bio (in case you’re wondering who the hell this guy is):

Joseph Balderson (aka “Joeflash”) is a freelance Flex and Flash Platform Developer living in central Ontario, Canada. He spends most of his time in his home studio mainlining code like a junkie on a binge tripped out on trance music, surrounded by three loving cats whom he’s training to meou on cue so they can answer the phones for him (but so far no success). In his spare time he… wait, what spare time?? Joseph is a staff writer at CommununityMX, and lead author on the upcoming book
Professional Flex 3 by Wrox/Wiley Publishing.