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Professional Flex 3 Book Advance Launch at 360Flex!

Posted in AIR, Books, Flex, Projects, Publishing, Flex 3 by Joeflash on the May 15th, 2009

As some of you may know, the eight of us have been eagerly awaiting the publication of our book, Professional Flex 3. Well, I’ve just received confirmation the book will be out in stores around end of May, and that Wrox will have 20 advanced copies of the book, hot off the press (literally), ready for givaways at 360|Flex in Indianapolis this coming week.

Yesterday a colleague of mine asked how our book was going, and how big was it. What I told him sums it up pretty good:

8 authors, 1400 pages, 75 chapters, 12 sections, 750MB of code, 18 months.

You can download a PDF of the table of contents here to give you an idea. It’s a hefty volume — the ToC alone is like 31 pages!!

You can also reserve your copy on Amazon now, or buy it from the publisher’s site when it’s out in stores.

Professional Flex 3 Book Cover
Authors from left to right: Joseph Balderson (me), Andrew Trice, Jun Heider, David Hassoun, Todd Prekaski, Joe Berkovitz, Tom Sugden, [Peter Ent not present]

I cannot say enough about these guys, it’s been hugely awesome working with my co-authors throughout this process, including the tech editors and all the great folks at Wrox. This has been a monumental and amazing journey, for all of us. A year and a half ago, I wanted to write the most kick ass, comprehensive and exclusive Flex 3 book out there. To really paint a broad and deep view of the entire Flex ecosystem of technologies. So after getting together seven other amazing programmers and communicators, and writing for many many months, we’ve done it. There are things in this book that you will not find anywhere else.

A Rallying Cry for Net Neutrality In Canada

Posted in Flash, News, AIR, ActionScript 1.0, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0, Flex, Events, Adobe, DRM, Net Neutrality by Joeflash on the February 13th, 2009

As reported on the Canadian Net Neutrality action website, The CRTC has said that it will consider public opinion in determining the outcome of the traffic shaping hearings set to take place later this year. As Canadians, we owe it to ourselves and this great nation to hold governmental institutions charged with guarding the public trust accountable to the purpose for which they were created. We need to send ISPs in Canada the message that this kind of censorship shall not be tolerated, and should not be allowed. Check out the details on, and send in your action letter to the CRTC.

CS3 Suite & Misc Adobe Installation Hell (and The Solutions)

Posted in AIR, Flex, Adobe, Flashpaper, Macromedia, Creative Suite by Joeflash on the June 11th, 2008

A few weeks ago I bought a long overdue upgrade from Studio 8 and misc. other Adobe products to Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium.

Oh boy. Talk about installation hell.

After spending a whole day (~12 hours) trying to install the darn thing, trying various fixes listed in technotes and in the Adobe forums, I gave up. And I didn’t even have a beta version to mess me up. Holy crap! Installing new software should not be this hard.

That install trial nuked a few of my Adobe programs, but since Flex was okay, I just licked my wounds and kept working. A few weeks later, I needed to use Flash, so I had to proceed and try and figure out a solution.

Two days later I found one. (Skip to Solution) Finally. And with a mind to send Adobe a big fat invoice for my lost time.

So I’d say that those three days of slogging it through technotes, forums, Win XP tweaking, system restarts and aborted installations paid off… sort of… okay to be perfectly honest those are three days of my life I’ll never get back, but at least I learned something.

And along the way I found solutions to few other vexing problems that have been bugging me since upgrading my firewall and spyware applications, such as:

  1. Occasionally after installing Flash or Flex or a Flash Player update, my FlashPaper 2 would give me the funky-chicken-jitters every time I right-clicked (very very annoying). And every time I would have to reinstall Flashpaper 2. (Yes I still use it cause it makes much smaller PDFs than Acrobat Pro). (Skip to Solution)
  2. After installing Flash CS3 or a Flash Player update, or even after a clean install, Flash Player in the Flex 3 Welcome screen does not work. (Skip to Solution)
  3. The MSI installers in the Flash CS3 9.0.6 Flash CS3 Update for FP 9.0.124 will not run because of a “blocking process”. (Skip to Solution)
  4. After uninstalling Apollo Beta 1, I could not install AIR 1.01, even though there were no errors in the log file. I even corresponded with the AIR engineering team about it, and they were left scratching their heads. (Skip to Solution)

I’ll cover all of these in this post.

First, the solution I found to successfully install Adobe Creative Suite 3 on Win XP.
I was installing Web Premium, but I gather this will work for any flavour of creative suite.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium Installation Error

The installation completed, but always with 2 errors no matter what I did: “Adobe Creative Suite 3…” and “Shared Components” — but neither log file showed any error messages.

First I tried every solution proposed on this technote page, including the colour profiles. And a few solutions on other technotes and discussion forums.

Of course I also tried:

  • killing all firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, all running processes that were not essential
  • the MSCONFIG fix (but not the right one, as I later found out)
  • the Adobe CS3CleanScript, levels, 1, 2, 3 and 4, multiple times (which of course nuked all my Adobe programs and some Macromedia ones!)
  • logging on as Administrator and doing the above.

Nothing worked. Until… I tried the following in this specific sequence:

CS3 Installation Solution:

  1. Turn on Administrator in the Welcome screen with TweakUI > Logon > Show Administrator
  2. Start menu > Run > type MSCONFIG
  3. Apply Solution 2 of this technote for MSCONFIG. Make sure that Startup Items and non-ms System Services are disabled, as per the technote (which I didn’t find until the third day — I didn’t disable the startup items)
  4. Restart, log on as Administrator
  5. Don’t bother with any Add/Remove Programs crap, it’s not very effective in clearing registry entries. Run the CS3CleanScript instead. Run it at level 2, three times just to be sure. I ran it at level 3 three times more, but I think that was overkill. NOTE: running undocumented level 3 will nuke all CS3 and previous versions of Adobe software, and level 4 will nuke all Adobe software and some Macromedia software, so be warned!
  6. Install CS3 Suite (which should now work!!). Now I’m not too sure if this had any bearing on the installation, but to be safe even though it didn’t work on previous attempts I chose not to install Acrobat 8 just in case it fubar’d the process (hey, at this point I was ready to try voodoo!).
  7. Run MSCONFIG and reset to Normal.
  8. Restart, log on as [user]

And that’s it! It worked! OMFG gimme a freakin ice cream, a medal, SOMETHING!!

I think it was the combination of doing the CS3CleanScript while in Administrator mode, plus doing the correct MSCONFIG sequence (I wasn’t turning off startup items before), that is probably what did it.

Problem: FlashPaper 2 is no longer working after installing an adobe product (usually Flex 3, Flash CS3 or a Flash Player update), tries to re-install itself on every right-click.

Solution: Install the Flash CS3 9.02 Update for Flash Player 9.0.115 or Flash CS3 9.06 Update for Flash Player 9.0.124. FlashPaper should now be able to find the standalone Flash Player it needs to run.

Problem: Flash in Flex 3 Welcome Page is no longer working. This may happen on a clean install, or after Flash CS3 or a Player Update has occurred.

Solution: Install the Flash CS3 9.02 Update for Flash Player 9.0.115 or Flash CS3 9.06 Update for Flash Player 9.0.124. Make sure you manually install the debugger version of the Flash Player if doing the update. This will probably fix the Welcome Page for an existing install, but I suspect if it happens on a fresh install of Flex Builder it is because the Flash Player installer is failing silently, in which case using the MSCONFIG solution (see next solution below) and re-installing Flex Builder will probably fix that (though I have not tried it). But for sure using the Flash updater again as above will work, for both an existing install that got messed up, and for a fresh install.

Problem: the .MSI installers in the Flash CS3 9.06 Update for Flash Player 9.0.124 will not run because of a “blocking process”.


  1. Turn on Administrator in the Welcome screen with TweakUI > Logon > Show Administrator
  2. Start menu > Run > type MSCONFIG
  3. Apply Solution 2 of this technote for MSCONFIG.
  4. Restart, log on as Administrator
  5. Install MSI files.
  6. Run MSCONFIG and reset to Normal.
  7. Restart, log on as [user]

Problem: AIR 1.01 will not install, mysterious “do not have Administrator privileges” error shown, even though current user does have admin privileges, and all anti-spyware/anti-virus/firewall software is turned off, and AIR installation or Windows Event logs do not show any errors.

AIR 1.01 Installation Error


  1. Turn on Administrator in the Welcome screen with TweakUI > Logon > Show Administrator
  2. Start menu > Run > type MSCONFIG
  3. Apply Solution 2 of this technote for MSCONFIG.
  4. Restart, log on as Administrator
  5. Install AIR 1.01.
  6. Run MSCONFIG and reset to Normal.
  7. Restart, log on as [user]

So that same MSCONFIG solution fixed a few mysterious installation errors I had been having. The AIR one was particularly vexing. Which means… that my spyware and/or antivirus and/or firewall isn’t completely shutting down and closing its processes when I “terminate” those programs, blocking some esoteric file permissions that only affect certain Adobe products. Never had any problems installing other software, just recent Adobe products.

Adobe, dudes… you really need to look into this. I am NOT going through this shiite with CS4…

But all’s well that ends well, I guess. Hope someone can use what I’ve learned here.