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Flash and Math AS3 Tutorials

Posted in Flash, Tutorials, ActionScript 3.0, Visualizations, Flash CS3, Math by Joeflash on the January 16th, 2008

Whilst doing some research on the mysterious MainTimeline class, I bumped into this really neat site which has all kinds of cool tutorials on using advanced math to craft Flash animations and effects. It’s also got some pretty decent beginner’s tutorials on the AS3 and Flash CS3 in general.

On their site, they indicate,

The website evolved from our ongoing project sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Mathematical Association of America whose purpose is to empower educators in math and sciences to create web-based teaching materials using Adobe Flash. As a part of this project, we have been developing a collection of ActionScript 3 tutorials.

Wish I had this resource in High School…

In the process, we have dicovered that these tutorials are of interest to the general Flash developers’ community.

You betcha!

Check it out, it’s a gold mine.