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HTML5: Yet Another (yawn) Flash Killer

Posted in Enigmacopaedia, Flash, Geekness, News, Web 2.0 by Joeflash on the July 8th, 2009

Every few years (months?) there seems to be a newcomer on the block who incites cries of the next “Flash killer.” First there was Silverlight, then JavaFx, then Unity3D (at least until Flash 11 ; ) — and now it’s HTML 5 which is inspiring people to take pot shots at Flash.

All I have to say is: I DON’T THINK SO.

(And I’m not the only one who agrees.)

Don’t believe me? Check the timetable.
Or if you want a good laugh, the short and sweet version:

Oh, so you’re looking for a better reason? Have fun waiting then! :)